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March 10, 2018 in Appearances, News

Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson’s Bourbon Night comes to the Pawnshop

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March 7, 2018 in Featured, News

Les and Seth Gold Serve on First ‘Gold Bank’ Review Panel

To kick off the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of American Jewelry and Loan, Les and Seth Gold established The Gold Bank which will support Detroit’s youngest entrepreneurs for years to come. The first round of ‘Shark Tank’ style pitches were presented by students of Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan….

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March 6, 2018 in News

CNBC: The wealthy are using pawn shops to finance their business ideas

At American Jewelry and Loan, we frequently work with entrepreneurs to help them get the cash they need to keep their business running. Check out this interesting article from  from CNBC: Wealthy people looking to fund new ventures are turning to their Rolexes and art collections as collateral for quick…

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February 12, 2018 in Featured, News

6 things to consider before buying jewelry for your Valentine

[Read original post via] It’s estimated that Americans will spend almost $20 Billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Diamond jewelry is a traditional choice and it therefore makes sense to know what to look for if you should decide to invest in a diamond piece. Our family has…

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February 11, 2018 in Appearances, News

Texas Association of Pawnbrokers 2018

We were honored to deliver the keynote address at the Texas Association of Pawnbrokers and met so many knowledgeable peers. The following morning, I facilitated a presentation about Marketing specific to pawnshops, something I’m particularly passionate about. It was a pleasure to visit San Antonio — we appreciate the invitation!…

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February 9, 2018 in Featured, News

Detroit Free Press: Young entrepreneurs to get micro loans from ‘Hardcore Pawn’ stars

[from The Detroit Free Press]: Seth Gold, who gained celebrity status via his role on truTV’s “Hardcore Pawn,” tells a story that should trigger an aha moment for any budding entrepreneur. Gold, vice president of American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, remembers a seminar at a local college where he…

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Goldtone Podcast: Zachary Charles

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Sports agent Zachary Charles has been named one of his industry’s rising stars and he joins the latest episode of the Gold Tone podcast. We talk about the business behind the NBA and how his young age factors in to the growth of his business Click HERE to download the podcast on Soundcloud.

Gold Tone Podcast: Mario Andretti

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Mario Andretti is the most successful race car driver in history. He joins Seth, Les, and Sarah to talk about what keeps him motivated, how he feels about working with his family, his secret to success, and things that he should’ve collected along the way. Click HERE to download the…

Gold Tone Podcast: US Secretary of Education John King Jr.

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US Secretary of Education John King Jr. joins the crew sharing his own personal story and talking about the Back-to-School Bus Tour ‘Opportunity Across America’ and talks about the state of education in our country, including all-time-high graduation rates for high schoolers. We hear about Les’ favorite class and Seth…