#GoldTone Podcast: Episode One–Exploring Pawnbroking

In our first episode, my dad joins myself and Dan in studio to explore pawnbroking. Listeners will learn the story behind our family’s business–from Les’ first sale at age 7 to becoming some of the most recognized pawnbrokers in the world. Listeners will hear Les talking about his days growing up working in his grandfather’s shop, the iconic Sam’s Loan. Here’s a great online article that shares more history about that location which is now in the center of one of Detroit’s coolest resurgent neighborhoods.

Fellow pawnbroker Nick Fulton of USA Pawn in Mississippi joins the conversation and shares insights about how the industry has changed thanks to shows like Hardcore Pawn.

As always,  I bring some cool items from the shop and share a story of splitting an unusual set of sports memorabilia (something I thought I would never do) because of the customer who was making the purchase.

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