My THREE favorite gadgets at CES

By January 10, 2015Tech

For the past three years, I’ve attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I go to CES for several reasons. First, as a pawnbroker, I need to always be knowledgeable about electronics as they come through the door. Whether it’s a game system, tablet, or camera, or other piece of technology, it isn’t unusual for the latest gadget to make its way to the pawn shop in about 30 days from first premiering at the big box retailers. So it’s essential that we know the market.

At heart, I’m also a huge geek and always enjoy seeing what’s coming next in technology. One of the trends that I was most excited to see was the blending of technology and personal fitness. It’s something that hits close to home for me and I think it’s going to be worth watching in the coming year. 

As always, there were a lot of impressive things at the show, but my top three were: 

1-Fitbit: Even for those of us who already make a habit of working out each day, the new wearable technologies make it easier for us to get a 360-degree view of our overall health including sleep patterns. 

2-Superstar Backfloat Speaker by Monster Products: I’m a fan of Monster Products. American Jewelry and Loan is the only pawnshop in the country that’s an authorized reseller of their line. Our customers like the Superstar line of speakers already. There are so many boaters in the state of Michigan, I can imagine this floating version being a big hit for water use not only at the lake but in backyard swimming pools, hot tubs, or even in the tub!

3-Ballo stool by HumanScale: My office is outfitted in Humanscale seating because I love their clean design lines and ergonomic furniture. I loved the Ballo stools — they’re quirky but functional and perfect for pulling up a quick seat. 

I want to hear from you — what are the gadgets that you just cannot live without? What technology has had the most impact on your day-to-day life over the past ten years? Let me know in the ‘comments’ section below!